tips to profit from affiliate marketing

As in any field, the beginning is often the big obstacle, so here you will find the most detailed steps that after applying them precisely, we guarantee you satisfactory results and profits, just apply the following steps:

I will talk about each step in detail, but let me remind you that there is no secret mixture, but these are the steps that all affiliate marketers take, but what makes them reach high profits is experience, continuity, persistence, and indifference to the frustrated.

1. Select a platform

Think Outside The Box

Theoretically, you can do affiliate marketing on any platform such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, it is much easier to build an audience and increase sales of affiliates through one of these two channels: a blog or a YouTube channel.

Starting a blog today is easy and relatively cheap. There are tons of educational resources online that teach you how to get started. Once you start your blog, configure the blog for search engines, so you have a better chance of ranking in search results.

At this point, you can start dealing with companies and form your own links to promote different products.

The other platform is YouTube: Create and upload content on it for free, which makes it ideal for many people, configure your videos for search engines, and include affiliate links in the description of the videos, and with this you can profit from affiliate through YouTube.

Remember: no platform is the best in profit, the secret mixture lies in your effort, so work on choosing a platform that you can easily deal with, or at least be familiar with the basics of this platform and with time you will be able to master it.

A large number of affiliate marketers work on Instagram. This does not mean that Instagram is the best platform ever, but this platform is suitable for them.

And a lot of affiliate marketers also rely on paid ads to get direct visitors to their landing page, so they invest money to get paid visitors instead of building content and earning free visitors.

2. Choose an appropriate field

When starting the affiliate marketing process, it is recommended that you choose a field that you have even little knowledge of, or you know some facts about it and are interested in it. Why?

The simple answer is that you are now a marketer for the company’s products, and later you will create content to promote these products.

Therefore, you must have what convinces your audience and followers of the extent of benefit that will accrue to them when using this product, and preferably if you are a specialist in the field, this is a kind of social proof. Most of the time the audience believes the word that comes out of an expert.

For example: a dentist who promotes a certain type of toothpaste will have more credibility than an ordinary person, this does not mean that the public will not believe you if you are not an expert, but try to have experience in the products that you market for, this guarantees you greater profits.

Here are some questions to help you define your field in the event that you are in confusion:

  • What topics am I already interested in?
  • What would I be famous for?
  • What perspective or vision can I offer that competitors cannot?
  • What unique experience do I have?
  • What is the common area with my business or brand? (You can choose products that have a direct or indirect relationship to your business.

3. Create high-quality content

This step is very important as it is the basis by which you will build a large customer base and target audience, the audience must trust you and feel that you provide content worth reading or viewing.

I know you want to make money, but the first step to building trust with your audience is having quality content.

The content you produce in the beginning should not be highly sales-focused, the customer should not feel forced or directed to buy a specific product, as people do not like these practices according to the rules of behavioral psychology.

After you have a customer base that trusts you and your opinion, then you can promote different products, and the audience will buy in love and trust in you, thus increasing the commission rate that you get.

For example: A large group of girls and women create high-quality content in the fields of beauty, fashion and coordinating clothes.

Where they start with useful content for the target group, and then they can advertise different products without embarrassment in that, because the audience at this stage is aware that this person (the affiliate marketer) provides everything that is useful and valuable to him.

Professional advice: Some experts advise to buy products and try them before promoting them, of course this is difficult to do for all products, but if you present their products, most of them are of high quality, this contributes to your credibility.


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