the most in demand professions in the labor market

Here are the most sought-after professions and the best educational courses for them:

UI / UX Designer developer

The user interface is that graphical interface that the user uses when browsing a website or web application, and in order to become an able user interface developer, you must learn the following web technologies: (HTML – CSS – JavaScript – Bootstrap – jQuery – Sass – Gulp – GitHub). If you want to learn how to develop interfaces for websites or web applications; You can rely on the user interface development course from Hsoub Academy, which was prepared by a group of the best Arab programmers, within 27 video hours, in a simple and professional manner that takes your hands step by step from nothing to the required professionalism.

A mobile application developer using web technologies

They were creating custom mobile apps for each platform; This is an application for Android and another for iPhone, … etc. And when there are updates that you want to add to your application, you must update permission on each application separately; This takes a lot of time, effort and more money.

Therefore, the possibility of developing mobile applications using web technologies appeared; As it is possible to develop only one application that works on all platforms, which is the method expected to spread more in mobile application development.

Backend developer using Ruby and the Rails framework

Ruby is a multi-use object-oriented language built on which most popular web platforms such as GitHub; So if you want to build a strong website like these sites and you want to become a professional backend developer using Ruby language and the Rails framework, then these 16 hours of video are considered one of the best tutorials in programming that show you in action how to develop web applications using Ruby with practical examples.

Web developer using PHP language

It is said that more than 80% of websites are designed using PHP, which is an easy-to-learn, open-source language, and many programmers accept to learn it because of its demand. By learning this language, you can build a real app or develop a professional website from the ground up.

You can become a PHP developer; These are 13 focused video hours that teach you how to develop web applications using PHP and the Laravel framework.

SEO optimization specialist

The SEO major is one of the most in-demand disciplines within corporate e-marketing teams; Where the SEO specialist works to prepare the site to be in the top of the search engines with the aim of getting interested visitors for free.

You may know that our Arab world suffers from the limited number of professionals in this field. If you want to professionalize how to configure sites for search engines, here is this course from the famous Coursera website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization, which consists of six educational courses that take your hands from scratch and even professionalism.

Data Analyst

Glassdoor considered that the profession of data analyst is the profession of the year 2016, and it is still among the professions that are in great demand, or that are in demand every day.

A data analyst collects, processes and analyzes data statistically. And a data analyst must master programming languages ​​such as Python, C ++, SQL, in addition to some basic web languages, this course from Udacity will guide you on the right path to becoming a data analyst career.

Website designer

Web design is a profession that is not new, but it is developing every day. However, the final conclusion required of a website designer is to produce a professional graphic interface suitable for use, and this is done by using a graphic and design program such as Photoshop or alternative programs.

In this free course you will learn how to design websites using Photoshop cs6, and the course also covers a bit about how to transform a design from just an image to an effective graphical interface, using Dreamweaver cs6.

Content creator

Content making is still a necessary profession, and it is an easy and abiding skill; Mastering this skill requires ongoing training in reading, writing, research, and more recently some SEO rules.

At the end of the article, I assure you that the above professions and courses have been selected based on current market requirements; And if you have mastered any of the trades I mentioned above, you will inevitably have a lot of closed doors open to you during your career on the Internet.


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