How to start your Extraordinary freelance business, and why in 2021?

Start your freelance business

At a time when Arabs suffer from many economic problems and relatively high unemployment rates, and the lack of understanding that exists between companies and their employees in the Arab region, self-employment comes in its broad and comprehensive concept to try to solve these problems or at least reduce them by developing effective methods and systematic solutions for each problem. . In this article, we will talk about some things related to self-employment, which will benefit you and really interest you, whether you are an employee or looking for work, or even you are an employer, entrepreneur and a distinguished self-taught.

Self-employment as freelance business

The work was always linked to the company‚Äôs headquarters, and there was no escape from being present or working outside of this headquarters, and the person was forced to go out of his home every day to work on fulfilling other people’s dreams, and time was wasted on worthless things and wasted waste without any benefit.

However, after the spread of the concept of self-employment, the matter has become much easier than before, as you no longer have to relate to a specific place, your work is no longer associated with full-time work, and you no longer have to work with a manager who does not appreciate you or with an institution that does not add anything to you and consumes your physical capabilities And mental constantly. With self-employment, you have the ability to work from anywhere, even on transportation, on remote travel, and in inappropriate weather.

You are no longer restricted to working for 8 continuous hours or more without any rest or enjoyment of what you do, free work is what it is called, it makes you free in your life, you come out of the box of stereotypes and boredom into a world full of interesting and enjoyable work, it makes you absolutely free to choose what you like to work on And what you don’t like, free work is the solution!

What the numbers tell us about self-employment as freelance business

In a report issued in the last quarter of last year by the Freelancers Union in cooperation with some foreign freelance sites such as Elance and Odesk in the United States of America, it was proved that there are more than 50 million freelancers who have contributed sums exceeding $ 700 billion to the American economy, a staggering number that shows the economic benefit of work. Free. Also, there are expectations that the number of freelancers in the United States will exceed 40% of all employees.

And also in the United Kingdom, in a survey conducted with recent graduates, it was indicated that 87% of them see self-employment as a great career option for them in their careers. The number of freelancers is growing by 4% more than the traditional employees in the United Kingdom and more than 15% of the employees on the continent of Europe are self-employed.

With the increase in the unemployment rate in the homeland, to the Arab region and the Arab region, which has the highest unemployment rate in the world, where it exceeds 20 million people, and with the increase in Internet users in the Arab region, whose number reaches 136 million citizens, self-employment comes to open its arms to every person looking for work and searching On the different and not typical success, praise be to God, that the Arab region gradually accepts freelance work and the rate of freelancers rises permanently, as an independent website of Hsoub Company includes more than 50 thousand Arab freelancers, which is wonderful and a lot of good promise.

freelance business work advantages and disadvantages

There is nothing perfect, for perfection is God Almighty. Free work, like it has many advantages, also has faults and risks that you must know from the beginning, and among the dangers of self-employment:

1- Volatility of material income and instability

One of the most prominent problems facing freelancers and freelancers, especially the new ones, is that the financial issue is always volatile, sometimes he has many projects from which he reaps profits and money, and at other times he does not find any work at all, you must look for solutions to this problem in order to be able to avoid it or Overcoming them, such as participating with one of the teams and working with them as an independent, as well as building a strong network of relationships that enables you to communicate with many who need your services and also trying to provide and create multiple sources of income.

2- Time and the inability to control it

Time is like a sword. As one of my friends says, it is a saying that does not honestly express the importance of time. In self-employment, many people fail to balance work and rest times and organize their times, as well as increase their production significantly and comfortably as well, perhaps one day you work 6 hours and another day not You never work, on a day you stay up until the night before your work, and at another time you finish before dinner, it takes more organization, trouble and strong will that makes you control your time with full force and comfort so that you can save your efforts and use them to reach success.

3- Fear of change

A person by nature is afraid of taking risks and changing, and self-employment is a risk, that you leave your job for an unknown future, and you must make it yourself, everything in it results from your efforts, money, status, relationships, etc. .. It becomes more difficult if you are a stereotypical person who hates change and loves Persistence in the same manner, and what they do never change it, perhaps after days or weeks of freelance work, you will learn from your risks and change will become the best teacher and companion for you in your path.


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