Extraordinary content strategy for an online store website in 2021

strategy for an online store website

content strategy is must After building a technically solid site for an online store with a logical architecture designed for the best possible user experience, you can now start crafting a content strategy that will appeal to your ideal audience.

Hopefully, you’ve made your way through keyword and competitive research and have those ideas on hand to help before taking the next steps.

Whether you’re updating an existing content strategy or starting from scratch, direct your efforts by implementing a popular innovation framework that considers three key factors:

First: people

Second: technology

Third: Processing

There are two main groups of people to consider: those who drive your content efforts, and your target audience and customers.


There are two main groups of people to consider: those who drive your content efforts, and your target audience and customers.

Who will lead your content team in online store business?

In smaller ecommerce operations, the administration editor and the content marketing manager / content manager may be one and the same, while in medium and large sized businesses they will likely each need a separate role.

Leading a content marketing team requires sharp detailing, excellent writing and editing skills, and the ability of a journalist to locate, extract, analyze and summarize information and complex data.

Along with all this analytical mindset, the ideal marketing leader for your content should have equal skills in creativity and communication.

This person will be responsible for communicating not only the content marketing successes across the organization, but also for consulting and collaborating with various internal stakeholders to ensure that the interests and needs of operations, product development, sales, and other functions are represented in the content strategy.

You’re also looking for this person to motivate and manage what would be a large content team consisting of a wide range of designs and analytical genres.

The right person for a leadership role in content marketing already has proven experience managing teams to achieve specific business outcomes.

Big brands may choose to work with a strategic content creator. Find an expert who understands good content but also understands the state of research and content discovery at a high level.

This person is responsible for ensuring that your content efforts align with your company’s goals, they should have a deep understanding of your branding and the needs of audience members in your e-commerce field.

Build your own content team

Who do you need on your team? Moreover, what are the primary responsibilities that you need to ensure covered?

Depending on the size of the operation, you might have one team member covering multiple areas or you might have dozens of team members on just one.

You can also choose to outsource specific responsibilities to freelancers, or even provide an agency that offers the bulk of your content creation.

Either way, make sure you cover these important functions of your content marketing process:

Content creation including writing, photography, graphic design, video editing, etc.

Editing with a special focus on brand voice, optimizing search content, aligning with the customer journey, and coordinating specific channels.

Project management and priority setting for online store.

Promote content, whether through public relations or in paid channels.

Who is your ideal audience?

People development and customer journey mapping are two major components of any content strategy.

These are not one-off activities, but living and breathing guidelines that you will return to and update often as you define performance data.

Character development

People help you understand:

Who is she trying to contact.

What problems can be solved for them.

You will find them on the Internet.

How do you speak their language.

You’ll use it in content mapping to identify gaps and opportunities, and creators will use it to understand

There are tons of personal development resources out there, but I love Personal Buyer Adam Heitzman: A Beginner’s Guide for Marketers for Those Just Getting Started.

Customer Journey Mapping

Here, your audiences are defined by behaviors, not demographics:

See: The largest qualified audience available to you.

Think: The largest eligible addressable audience with some expressed business intent.

Do the following: The largest addressable eligible audience with a great deal of commercial intent.

Care: Existing customers as defined in two business transactions.

Every piece of content should solve a need for your target audience, whether that need is informational or transactional in nature.

Content planning for your customer journey is an important tactic to include in your progress-based content planning.

However there is also great value in applying this retrospectively to your existing content content with content review.

This can be challenging for companies that have already developed a volume of content before implementing a specific content strategy.

Mapping existing content can help identify valuable opportunities to update or reissue your best content, as well as highlight content gaps that you can map to developing new content.

Prepare your employees for content marketing success

With the right people in place to present your business and products in front of passionate consumers in the moments that matter to you, it’s up to you to make sure they have the resources to implement.

B2C brands performing best in content marketing spent 26% of their total marketing budget on content marketing in 2018.

An increasing portion of that budget is used to provide the technology and tools marketers need to create, improve, and promote content.


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