How do influencers earn from their YouTube channels in 2021?

Earn From YouTube

How do influencers earn from their YouTube channels? How to make money on youtube? It is one of the questions that occupy the minds of many, and today we will provide you with a comprehensive and adequate answer on this topic.

The popular YouTube website has become, in recent years, a phenomenon specifically in the world of sharing visual content and videos. Whereas, according to Statistics Brain, 1,325,000,000 people use YouTube and watch approximately 4,950,000,000 videos on a daily basis. 3.25 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every month. The most important factor in the success of YouTube in this way are the people who share content through it continuously, so how do these win?

Of course, these celebrities on YouTube do not provide entertainment to users for free or as a charitable act, but rather they use many methods that enable them to make good profit through these videos that they produce and share on YouTube, so let’s assume that you can produce a high-quality video (anyone who owns a mobile phone Well can actually do it) So what are the available profit sources? OK.

Advertising earnings

Since Google is the owner of YouTube, it is not surprising that Google makes it easier for content makers to register for the Google Adsense service and place ads on the videos they upload. However, not everyone will see the same ads, as this depends on the browsing history of this person and the information that Google has about him (have you ever wondered why you see ads for products that you previously searched for on Google, for example?)

But in fact, this method will not provide you with the profit that you are hoping for (for channels that have an average number of views) as Google shares the money with you, the money paid by advertisers, so you take about 45% commission. In fact, on average, you will earn about $ 1-2 for every thousand video views. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the lowest amount that can be withdrawn is $ 100, so if your earnings do not reach this number, unfortunately, Google will not give you anything! In order to win by using these Google ads, you must produce unique content and promote it well on social networks and various promotion platforms.

Winning awards as YouTube Partner

The fact that you are a Google partner does not at all mean that they will pay you extra money, instead they will send you some gifts and incentive prizes from time to time. Officially, you become a Google partner the moment you start profiting from the content and start sharing that revenue with the site. This company also gives you an additional advantage, which is the ability to view a complete dashboard that contains data, views information, and a comprehensive analysis of your channel. There are other advantages like being able to go live with Hangout.

YouTube provides a range of different promotional programs for content makers as well, some of which are on the Internet and others during events on the ground. YouTube will also send you some in-kind gifts such as the Silver Play button, which you get with your channel reaching 100 thousand subscribers, and the Gold Play button and you will get it after the number of subscribers to your channel reaches one million people.

YouTube will also send you some other gifts, such as some simple photography equipment such as lenses, camera stands, and others. The also good thing about being an Official YouTube Partner is that you retain all the ownership rights to your videos; Whereas, not being as a YouTube partner means giving the site complete freedom to do with the videos you upload whatever it wants.

Selling products

Once you make a brilliant name for yourself in the world of YouTube among your peers from the content creators and build a good fan base; Usually your followers like to spend some money to buy some of the products you sell. For example, you can create a set of T-shirts and hats that promote your site and include your logo. And what makes the followers feel happy to do so, is their feeling of being part of a specific group or team that believes in one idea.

The more your YouTube channel grows, the more popular you become and the more followers will be able to happily pay for your products. In fact, some YouTube influencers argue that producing such products and selling them to the public generates more income for them than the ads they share with Google.

You can, of course, promote your products on YouTube, but with reason and wisdom so that the audience does not think that you have deceived them by starting with providing good content and harvesting an audience and then exploiting it for profit and personal purposes only.


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