Explained How to Work is the largest and oldest freelance website. Through the Freelancer site, any skill holder can register on the site, and then open the door to hundreds of projects that are waiting to be implemented in all fields. Also, through Freelancer, project owners can find professional cadres in all fields to complete their projects at the best possible level. is one of the freelance platforms specialized in large projects (but it includes all sizes of projects even small tasks), it provides a professional link between all of the project owners who have specific projects or tasks and want to implement them, and freelancers who have skills in certain fields And they want to profit from it.

For example: There is a business owner who wants to create a website to represent his business, he goes to the website to display his project with the specifications he wants, and then the website programmers and developers offer the prices that suit them, and in the end the project owner chooses one of the independents and starts implementing the project.

On the Freelancer site, you can take advantage of almost any skill you possess, as the site covers many areas, on top of which are: writing and translation, marketing and sales, data entry, legal services, human resource services, website design and development.

In this article I will explain Freelancer in all aspects, in a simple and easy way

The first step

Go to the homepage of the site. You can do this by typing the word Freelancer into Google, then clicking on the first result in the search results. Or click on the following link directly:

The homepage will open in your browser, click the Sign up button at the top, as shown in the image below.

The second step

After clicking the sign up button in the previous step, a new account creation page will open. There is a possibility to register through a Facebook account, but here we prefer the second option, which is to enter an email and choose a password.

Enter your email address that you use frequently, then enter a password (English letters only, and it must contain a number as well).

Make sure that you have typed the email correctly and that the password is saved, then click the blue Join Freelancer button. All this is shown in the image below.

The third step

After clicking the Join Freelancer button, you will be taken to the username page. Below the account name rectangle, you will find some suggestions based on your email address. Select one of them or type an account name as you want, then click the Next button, as shown below

The fourth step

After pressing the Next button in the previous step, you will move to the step of determining the account type, here you must choose “I want to work”, as shown in the image below.

The second option is for business owners who want to complete their projects through the website.

The fifth step

In this step, you can determine the skills that you are good at, in order to build your account on the site that will appear to the project owners. You will find the page is divided into three columns, and this is a description of the function of each column according to their arrangement from left to right:

Column 1 (skills or core areas of work)

It contains the main categories of skills and thus areas of work. When you click on any field, say Writing & content, the sub-skills of this area will appear.

The second column (sub-skills)

It contains the sub-skills that you must choose from, which change according to your choice in the first column.

The third column (List your chosen skills)

When choosing any skill in the second column, it will appear in this column. Clicking on any skill in this column will be removed from the list. The maximum number of skills to choose is 20, the minimum is one, and you can choose sub-skills from more than one field of work.

In my example here I chose Writing & Content, and in the Sub-Skills column, I chose Article Writing.

Note: In front of each sub-skill you will find the number of available jobs, and at the top you will find the total number of all available jobs for all the skills you have chosen. All this is shown in the image below.

After selecting the skills, click on the Next Step button at the end of the page on the right.

The Sixth step

After clicking the Next Step button in the previous step, you will be taken to the page for completing your account information. In the rectangle at the top to the left, write your first name, and in the rectangle opposite it write your second name, and in the rectangle below them choose the language you are fluent in, and in the last part choose the box that expresses your level of experience in the skills you have chosen, as shown in the picture below.

After typing the name and selecting the language and skill level, click on the Next Step button at the end of the page on the right.

The Seventh step

After clicking the Next Step button in the previous step, you will be taken to the payment data verification page, as shown in the image below.

As shown in the image above, there are two payment methods that you can check through either of them. When you choose to activate with a PayPal account, you will go to the PayPal page to enter your PayPal email address and password. In the event that you choose to activate through the credit card, you will go to a page to enter the card data (name, number, password, and expiration date).

In any case, you can drop this step and work it later, by pressing the Skip for now button on the right below. In my case here, I will choose to drop this step because this is a demo account to explain the registration, but I recommend taking this step because it helps to raise the credibility of the account.

The eighth step (Yes Last One)

After clicking the Skip for now button, you will be taken to the premium paid membership creation page, which should increase your selection to complete projects. You can subscribe to this premium membership for approximately $ 10 a month. To subscribe, click on the Start Trail Now button, and if you do not want to, press the Skip for now button below the rectangle on the right.

In my case here I will click on the Skip for now button.

After clicking the Skip for now button, you will be directed to the available projects, to start your first project.


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