5 Awesome Tips for Selling Microservices

During the past few years, many sites devoted to buying and selling microservices have appeared, and these sites have become an important source for many people to make profit from the Internet, including the famous site Five and other similar sites, so how can success be achieved in such sites? Of course, there are many ways and strategies to achieve this, as any commercial enterprise, large or small, and I will talk in this article about some tips that can be used to start Selling Microservices and increase their popularity on mini-service sites.

Selling Microservices

The first step to starting any work is planning. Whether what you want to do is simple or complex, there must be a clear and thoughtful plan for the matter, whether it is written and drawn carefully in case the work is large. Or to be clear in your mind at the very least if the matter is not so large, and the matter is never different in the field of Selling Microservices from other areas, so there must be a clear plan and a specific path for you to be able to reach success.

Choose and define services

In the beginning, you have to think about the services that you will sell and whether you will start from the experiences and skills that you have and convert them into mini-services, or will you learn something new to be able to provide services related to it, in the first option the goal is to provide services that you master and enjoy working on and this gives more room for creativity For many, as for the second option, some resort to it for various reasons, according to each person’s point of view.

Some resort to learning something new in the event that they do not possess a specific skill that can be converted into a mini-service, while others search for the services most in demand in this market in order to learn them and achieve a higher benefit.

In both cases, you must provide services that you master well, otherwise you will not be able to continue on the road to success.

Service design

In general, the service on the mini-services sites consists of the title, description of the service, a picture or video clip of the service, delivery time, keywords, price and purchase instructions, in addition to some sites that provide the feature of additional services (at an additional price).

Each of these elements has a special importance and special attention must be given to each of them in order to achieve the desired benefit, and I will talk here about each element independently because of the great importance of this part.

Service title: The service title should be a mixture of the interesting ambiguity that attracts attention and encourages visitors to see the details of the service and the clarity and connotation of the actual content, meaning that the address is not different to the main purpose of the service because this will only benefit in obtaining negative results.

Description of the service: Personally I consider this part of the most important even of the address itself, so the address, although it had the first credit for encouraging the browser to access the details of the service, but if the description was bad, there would be no benefit.

The service description should be accurate and explain all the features that the buyer will get in a smooth and clear manner. There is no room for ambiguity here because failure to describe the service correctly may lead to obtaining a negative evaluation in the end, and in addition to the above, a beautiful method should be used when writing the description because for this A significant impact on the reader and undoubtedly leads to an improvement and an increase in sales.

The image of the service: the image must be expressive and a function of the main purpose of the service, and an image with distinctive colors should be chosen that attracts the browser because it appears alongside the address before entering the service page.

Duration of delivery: Beware of specifying a short time to deliver the service with your uncertainty that you can terminate it on time, as this will only lead to canceling the service by the buyer and obtaining a negative evaluation often, and you do not specify a period of time greater than necessary for delivery because this also has a negative impact that may be Lack of sales, and you must always specify an appropriate period without excessive or negligence.

Keywords: These words are very important, as they help in reaching your service from the search engines in particular, so you should pay attention to writing key words that indicate the service and also have importance in search engines, and you can read about this topic in specialized articles, which are many and varied.

Service price: On most mini-service sites, the price is fixed at $ 5, noting that 20% of the price, equivalent to one dollar, goes as commission for the site, but some sites allow the seller to sell his services at different prices from multiples of five, up to a maximum of $ 100 in Some of them (with the commission rate remaining fixed, i.e. 20%), and there are sites that offer prices less than 5 dollars and each site has its own policy, and you must always choose the appropriate price for the service.

Do not try to offer a lot at a low price because you will find that the income does not match the size of the effort and this is not in your interest, nor do you provide the service at a very high price because this may cause your inability to achieve sales, especially in the great competitive atmosphere that has spread as Selling Microservices in sites.


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