Feeling tired: its causes, and how to deal with it at work in 2021

Feeling tired: its causes, and how to deal with it at work

feeling tired? Many employees complain of fatigue and exhaustion during the exercise of their daily tasks, and even young men and women who have recently joined the labor market suffer from the same problem at the beginning of their career and this is reflected negatively on their productivity, and unfortunately, the phenomenon of fatigue while at work has become very common, and in this regard, Experts say that fatigue is a natural thing that happens to many people, but it must be overcome and dealt with properly in order to achieve success in our life, below we will talk about the topic of fatigue during work in detail.

What is the feeling of fatigue or Feeling tired?

Fatigue is a subjective feeling tired represented in the body losing its energy after strenuous or continuous physical activity, and in this case the fatigue is a healthy and normal feeling, but if fatigue appears after a slight physical effort or feeling tired all the time here, the matter is abnormal and abnormal.

Reasons for feeling constantly tired while at work:

In the beginning, we must identify the causes of constant fatigue while at work, as sometimes fatigue is the result of having a disease, below we will learn about these diseases.

Diabetes: Diabetes is a syndrome characterized by a metabolic disorder and an abnormally high blood sugar concentration caused by insulin deficiency, or decreased sensitivity of tissues to insulin, or both, among the symptoms of frequent urination, drinking water, lack of rest, dry mouth, hunger Severe weight loss, delayed wound healing, a permanent feeling tired of fatigue.

Depression: Depression is a psychological state that is characterized by the domination of negative emotions for long periods, lack of enthusiasm, indifference, and chest tightness with the lack of a goal for life, and seriously thinking about suicide, and depression is accompanied by a state of laziness, lethargy, loss of energy and extreme fatigue just to do With any activity, in addition to a constant headache.

Thyroid diseases: The thyroid gland performs important vital functions in the human body, the most important of which is regulating the metabolism process, that is, it regulates energy levels in the body, and when the thyroid gland is exposed to a disease, an imbalance occurs in its work, and several symptoms appear on the patient, most notably the constant feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, poor memory, Weight gain, slow movement, muscle aches.

Anemia: Anemia is a decrease in the hemoglobin concentration below the normal level, and as a result the person with anemia faces a set of health symptoms that occur because the body’s systems do not get enough oxygen and complain of frequent headaches, and a constant feeling of fatigue and tiredness, dizziness, yellowing of the face, and cramps Leg, in addition to the inability to concentrate and lethargy.

Anxiety: Anxiety is a psychological and physiological condition characterized by a lack of pleasure, uneasiness, extreme fear, and hesitation that prevents him from practicing his life normally, and unfortunately, chronic anxiety affects the psychological and physical health, so a person feels a state of fatigue and permanent exhaustion, lethargy, headache, nervousness and irritability, He also suffers from sleep disorders and insomnia. Also read: 6 habits that you should avoid to get rid of anxiety and tension

Urinary tract infection: Urinary tract infection means the infections and infections that occur in any part of the urinary tract, but most often occurs in the urethra and bladder, among the symptoms of infection is frequent urination during the day and at night, pain in the lower abdomen, a feeling tired, feeling of burning during urination, and the exit of drops From blood in urine, high temperature, nausea, feeling permanently tired.

Heart disease: Heart disease occurs as a result of a functional or organic defect in the function of the heart, so it is unable to deliver the blood loaded with food and oxygen to all parts of the body, which leads to feeling very tired all the time, sudden shortness of breath, and sleep apnea.

Lupus erythematosus: an autoimmune disease in which the immune system in the human body is over-active and attacks normal, healthy tissues. Its symptoms include shortness of breath, fever, mouth sores, general fatigue and exhaustion, the appearance of a rash, sensitivity to sunlight.

Reasons for feeling transiently tired while at work:

Many people feel transient fatigue while at work, as it quickly disappears after returning home, and sometimes fatigue extends for a day or two and then fades away, here the cause of fatigue is the result of wrong habits and behaviors, in what follows we will learn about them.

Sitting for long hours: Sitting for long hours at work without making any movement, and lying on the couch all the time when at home increases the state of inactivity of the body, and this causes the person to feel temporary fatigue, and feels that his body muscles are tense, as well as the possibility of increasing his weight. .

Lack of drinking water: Did you know that 2% of dehydration is sure to affect your physical health? Many employees forget the importance of drinking water while they are at work, and this causes them to become dehydrated and enter a state of fatigue, low energy, and feeling tired.

Negative thinking: If the employee is the pessimistic type, who always expects the worst, and exaggerates, and exaggerates things, then it is natural for him to feel tired from time to time because such thoughts drain the body’s energy, and they also cause poor mental state and mood.

Ignoring breakfast: Going to work before eating breakfast exposes the employee to fatigue during the exercise of his work, and the state of fatigue may extend throughout the day because foods are fuel for the body and thanks to them he gets his needs of vitamins and minerals, which allows him to carry out his vital functions, and therefore ignoring them causes a decrease energy.


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