Comparison between Shopify vs WooCommerce in 2021

What is the Shopify vs WooCommerce?

check out this complete shopify vs woocommerce comparison. here you will get complete information of both this place


Powerful, reliable, and easy to use, it offers a great set of templates as well as great customer support, and in fact, with Shopify you are paying a monthly premium for such kind of powerful platforms.


It is an e-commerce plug-in, which turns any website on WordPress through the Internet into a powerful store, it is an open-source platform and thus it is considered free to install, which makes it ideal for cost-conscious users, but here you will need to pay for some things Like hosting and security.

What is the best platform to create an online store: Shopify or WooCommerce?

There are some factors that help you to differentiate between Shopify vs WooCommerce and know which platform is the best between them, and they are as follows:

You should know the ways the WooCommerce and Shopify platform approaches e-commerce

Just like when comparing website building platforms like Square space and Wix to Word Press as a whole, WooCommerce and Shopify take two different basic approaches to creating and managing your store:

WooCommerce is self-hosted, which means that your store files are on your own server and you are free to modify everything in your store as you see fit.

But Shopify is hosted and that means Shopify hosts and manages the software on your behalf, and although you have a great deal of flexibility, you are only limited to making the changes that Shopify allows you to make.

Practical difference between the methods Shopify vs WooCommerce use

Woo Commerce is more flexible than Shopify, but its style is not beginner-friendly. Shopify is the opposite. Its style is very easy for beginners, but it has some difficult limits that you will not encounter on Woo Commerce, and since we go through some more specific comparisons, you should see this topic repeated over and over. And again.

Learn about e-commerce market share

You should show some importance in your searches for the amount of stake in the e-commerce market, but not resort to popularity-based solutions.

But it can help you identify the trends of your other competitors, and according to Built With as of December 2018, around 21% of people use WooCommerce to run their stores, followed by Shopify in second place with an estimated rate of 18%.

Ease of use

There is no doubt that WooCommerce has a steeper learning curve than Shopify, but the second one is definitely easier to handle for the average user.

It also takes care of a lot of the technical side to run the store, in addition to this, it does not require you to update or manage any type of software with it, and there is no doubt about security and backup operations.

The time used to build the store

WooCommerce is more suitable for users who are not looking to gain sales audiences immediately, and building stores on this platform is a more creative project than it is in Shopify, and through it you will have a lot of creative control, moreover, you can make the site really yours.

And if you are starting from scratch or have limited technical skills, then Shopify is the best option; With it, getting your store directly becomes much faster and easier, and you can give it a look and feel by selecting and editing themes, unlike creating a store using WordPress, the process here is not manual, while Shopify stores everything you need in one place.

that’s it for this Undeniable Comparison between Shopify vs WooCommerce in 2021. if you have any question then do comment now.


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