5 tips to start your online business right

One of the most widespread ideas(online business) among our youth community these days is the idea of ​​side work via the Internet. To increase their monthly income while ensuring fixed income from their job. But the most complaints I heard from my friends was that they quickly get tired of the lack of income they get as a result of this work. Some of them seek to be a freelance designer, another is a free developer, and a third works as a free translator and a fourth is a freelance blogger, and so on.

Top 5 Tips to start your online business right

They are all looking for side work through the computer screen using the keyboard, and they expect to achieve thousands of them behind their work. The only excuse they found was that no one appreciated the value of their work.

Well maybe this is true to an extent. But the problem is always found in their thinking, not in the market to which they sell their product.

If you are looking for a side job next to your studies or next to your job. I think these tips will definitely help you ..

First online business: commitment in your work:

Commitment, commitment, and commitment ..

Many of those who do side work via computers often find they have a large lack of commitment in their work. How is that ?!

You will find most of them wasting time on the Internet wandering through the social networks they like. He checks his email at the end of the day to find that he has not received any work request. He feels that this method is useless. And his frustration increases over time.

Trust me, you will not find job requests from your first day on the net. All that is required is a little patience and commitment.

You can fulfill this commitment by providing an appropriate place for your side business. Organized desk, adequate lighting, pen and note.

Commitment to your work schedules, treat your side work as if you are going to work somewhere, so do not waste the time that you have set aside for this side work on a daily basis watching TV or going out. As well as the commitment to deliver your work on time, it will have a lot of good impact on your customers, so they recommend you to work with their friends and acquaintances, and your circle of influence begins to expand.

Second online business: Money is the most important

This rule proved to be a big failure with side work, especially if it was on the Internet. Not only in our Arab homeland, but in the whole world. How is that !

Well, suppose you are a freelance translator, and we have a businessman looking for a translator to translate a partnership contract for him, for example. How can he know that you are the translator he is looking for !!

Sure of your previous translations. Since you are not famous yet; Surely no one will write to you to translate anything for him. How will you get this precedent of business!

You can voluntarily participate in translating books or articles. Seek to publish your translations widely.

Third online business: Do not sell cheap

Despite the previous point, but it is advice from my friend and professor Raouf Shabayek, do not sell your product or service at a cheap price in relation to the value of the work you do. So either potential clients will fear that your service is poor or not worth the risk. Or you will find yourself closely linked to the low price that you put in since the beginning of your work.

So do not overprice your price, and do not underestimate it. But keep it always moderate.

Fourth online business: Communication

The biggest mistake many side business owners make is at the point of contact. Make your contact information easily accessible by creating your own website; A page of your business on social networks; A blog in which you publish your latest work and also share in it the community with your thoughts and vision of what you can achieve through this side work.

And do not forget to participate in all the meetings and conferences that help you reach the largest segment of potential customers to serve you. As well as printing a personal card with your contact information clearly.

Fifth online business: patience

Patience in your work. Patience to expand your circle of acquaintances. And patience to get paid for your work. You are like someone who sows today and waits for the harvest tomorrow; It will not happen. You have to plant the seed today and always nurture it until it becomes a tree.

Make sure that the financial return to your business will find its way to you without the need for extreme urgency.


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