5 steps to running your own business from home

Contrary to expected, working from home may become more distracting than regular work or remaining in a co-working space if there is no tight project management system in place, as comfort is not necessarily a catalyst along the line.

Many people do not understand the amount of mental effort required for a freelancer or entrepreneur to be able to maintain a running business, and to maintain a productive environment in a comfortable place like home where the smallest events can distract you and weaken your focus.

Moving from an integrated work environment with assistants and co-workers to the living room at home is not an easy challenge, but certainly if you can focus and succeed in managing your project, then the matter will become easier and profits will increase further.

So if you have an idea that interests you, and you decide to manage it from your home and take the time and effort to implement it, here is your comprehensive guide to six steps for doing your work from home in the most appropriate way.

1 – Keep your files digitally

Because – at this stage – you manage everything yourself, you should try to make things easier and less complicated whenever the opportunity arises, especially with regard to paper and administrative work, there are many tools that help you create and maintain administrative files digitally through your own account, such as invoice files .

You can use the free Due tool, which offers billing services, time tracking, customer contact data retention, and many other options that will be available to you alone.

Instead of filling your living room with customer papers, data and bills, and to prevent any unwanted incidents of damage or loss of some of them, you can save all these files digitally on sites such as Google Drive or Dropbox, the important thing is to create the files and keep them up-to-date so that they do not accumulate all of them. Over your head and lose control of the file management and monitoring process.

2 – Stick to your plan while working from home

In business, if you don’t know where to go, all roads lead to failure.

Basically, the first thing you have to do is to put in place a solid plan for your project that includes the marketing plan, accounts, profit plans, financing and employee management, and it is preferable to divide that plan into quarterly or semi-annual periods, careful planning will make you ready for any risk surrounding the project, in addition to your ability To face any challenge and get rid of it.

The second step is to treat working from home as if it were in a separate office and you had employees.

Set yourself clear rules and don’t give them up, and the most important rule here is time to work. This means that there is no place for distractions such as phones, receiving friends or watching TV.

The more you commit and focus on working hours from home with the pre-set plan, the greater the chances of your project being successful and achieving the goal behind it.

3 – Hire freelancers

Hire Freelancers – Work From Home

And because the work and tasks are many, and because you naturally hope that everything will be done correctly and well, it is better for you to focus your effort and your thinking on what you are able to do only, and to delegate someone to represent you in the rest of the tasks.

Fortunately, self-employment is the best solution to this problem. There is a wide community of freelancers who want to contribute to the success of your project, as the success will return to them with more business, which means more income.

One of the advantages of freelancing is that it will save you money that you do not need to spend, there is no point in hiring a full-time software developer if you only need him to develop your own site, in this case you just have to hire him as an independent person to do a specific task in exchange for a specific amount of money.

There are many platforms that help you in hiring freelancers, such as the Independent platform, which is the largest platform for freelance work in the Arab world, or the Fives largest marketplace for microservices platform in case you need to buy some simple services.

Remember that you will not be able to do everything on your own, so identify the tasks that your project needs and which you cannot do, and then start to take advantage of the advantages of freelance work by hiring experienced freelancers so that your project becomes a success.

4 – Balance aspects of your life

The biggest challenge you may face while working from home is a significant loss of control over your life, of course you are in the first critical days and you need intense focus, and you will have to tell those close to what you need from them to keep the home or workplace quiet and away from distractions.

At the same time, do not let work drain your personal life, you just have to divide your time between your personal life and work in such a way that you can lead a normal, balanced life without being falling short in your work.

Carve out time every day for family sitting, sports, reading newspapers and what is really going on around you in general, as well as give yourself a weekly and seasonal vacation like any other regular work, this will make you able to continue working from home in a longer and healthy way.

5 – Invest in your network

Although you are prone to the challenge of a lack of social contact on the personal side when running a home business, you should break this closed cycle by searching for entrepreneurs in your field and start building a strong network of relationships. You can invest in your network of relationships by attending specialized events. And follow the news of the field in which you work first-hand, or even search directly through professional social networks such as the LinkedIn platform.

Discussing with those who work in the same field as you will get you out of a state of mental hibernation due to staying in front of the computer all day, and it will open up countless doors for you of opportunities, knowledge and new ideas, and most importantly, you will be able to spread your idea more widely.


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