12 golden tips to be a successful freelancer

Some believe that self-employment is just that a person gets rid of the burdens of the job that every employee complains about, such as adherence to work schedules, lack of vacations, and so on, but the truth is that although free work provides more comfortable options such as working from home without wearing formal clothes and the absence of a manager, success in it It is difficult and needs a lot of effort. If you are tired of your official job and see that you are ready for self-employment and want to succeed, here are a number of tips that will help you in that.

1- If you are currently working in a permanent job, you should ask yourself several questions before entering the world of self-employment, are you willing to give up the monthly wage and other benefits that a permanent job provides, such as a retirement pension? Do you have special skills that can be marketed? If you are hesitant to leave a permanent job or are still concerned about whether or not freelancing is better for you, it is better to start freelancing as a second job or part-time for a while and then decide.

2- Is there a market for what you are good at doing (for your skills)?

To succeed in self-employment, you must know the skills that you possess and whether there is a demand for them in the world of self-employment or not, you must also possess skills that distinguish you from others in this market, and despite the accusations against freelance sites on the Internet in reducing wages by offering some freelancers Implementing projects at low prices. However, many business owners prefer to choose distinguished freelancers or those with more skills, even if at a higher cost.

3- You are the whole company: In self-employment you are not an employee, you are the owner of a company you are all its employees, so you must have knowledge of accounts, marketing, advertising, dealing with customers, pricing the services that you do for clients, knowing when to receive money, the best ways to receive it, and so on. Other.

4- Do not miss an opportunity to market your skills: Social networks provide great opportunities for freelancers to market their skills, but the freelancer should not slip until his marketing is just talk, you must have a business marketing your skills, in the beginning you must have a presence on social networks and it is preferred You have a personal website.

5- Do not deceive yourself: As a freelancer, you no longer work for anyone now, you are the manager of yourself, the person who used to hate to give you leave from work is you now, every day off is a loss for you, if vacations and absence from work are important to you then it will be It is difficult for you to succeed in self-employment.

6- Learn as a freelancer to accept the difficult times you are going through. You are now in a position of responsibility. Every bad day that passes you can lead to a worse day if you do not succeed in dealing with it.

7- Let go of the balance between work and life, you must first balance your work properly first, you need to make money now, but the most important thing is to plan not for the coming weeks but for the coming months as well, you must have a clear goal to get more work, and from The most important advantage of self-employment is that it gives the independent person the flexibility to change his plans as he wants without returning to anyone else (the manager, for example).

8- You have to manage your time in a good way. I know when you will start work and when you will finish it during the day. In freelance work, you can specify working times at any hours during the twenty-four hours, but this is sometimes annoying, for example when you wake up at three in the morning to work and find a message in Your work email was supposed to expire the day before.

9- You can be the best “independent” person in a specific skill, but if you do not have good communication skills with clients, it will be difficult for you to succeed in the free job market as a freelancer. Remember that communication with clients is an important key to success. Develop your relationships with clients and communicate with them. Know the obstacles that could affect project success and plan to overcome them.

10- You have to be patient. Success in self-employment will not happen overnight, and it may take several months.

11- Enhance your presence on the Internet: Make sure that you complete your data on freelance sites such as an independent website, and have a presence on various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. When you apply for a project, the project owner will search for you on Google to verify your skills.

12- Do not make the mistake of accepting work on projects that you are not qualified to work on or do not have time to implement them, because this will affect your reputation and the evaluation of project owners for you.


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